Speaker Cable Bi-Wire

Speaker Cable Bi-Wire

Brand: Jantzen
Product Code: 006-0085
Availability: 15
AUD $25.00

Jantzen Audio Solid Core Full Range Speaker Cable 6N OFC.

No pseudo science or mystical components.
Just a well made cable that happens to perform well above its price.

2x 1.0mm2 + 2x 0.5mm2  - Overall diameter is 8mm.
Two thick conductors for Bass, Two thin conductors for Treble.
Individually insulated in Polyethylene, Then wrapped in Polyester tape, All encased in a Pearl blue thermoplastic casing.

Can be used 'Normally', or split for Bi-Wiring.

Conductor resistance (Max) 0.01 Ω @ 5 Meters.
Inductance (Approximate) 0.0064mH @ 5 Meters.
Minimum bending radius ~4cm.

Price is for 1 Meter.

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