Audio Technology 10C77-25 KAP

Audio Technology 10C77-25 KAP

Brand: Audio Technology
Product Code: 10C77-25 KAP
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Audio Technology 10C77-25 KAP

10" Sandwich cone bass driver.

FLEXUNITS Drivers bring you cones based on an entirely new technique.
The cones are made from two thin carbon reinforced paper cones, which are glued together with an expanding foam, using a support tool, to keep the cone in
the correct shape.
The foam is well damped to avoid resonances in the cone.
The result is an extremely rigid and stiff cone, presenting fast, uncoloured and distortion free bass.

The KA system is implemented in the Sandwich cone drivers and is a mixture of Kapton and Aluminium voice coil bobbin.
This means, the driver acts as a pure Kapton voice coil driver, as long as the voice coil is within its linear working area.
It also presents a very low mechanical resistance, which allows the driver to play bass with authority, even at low levels.
All drivers are naturally generously ventilated, under the spider, from voice coil gap and not least through the pole piece, allowing the whole moving system to travel fast and freely, without any compression.

Flexunits all feature;
Die cast aluminium chassis.
Gold plated input connectors.
Ventilation under the rear suspension.
Voice coil gap ventilation.
Maximum rear ventilation for minimum compression.
Compressed lightweight aluminium voice coil, wound in hexagonal technique.

Price is for one single driver.
Prepayment required - Delivery approximately 6 weeks.

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