ViaWave GRT-145-4

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The ViaWave GRT-145-4 is Designed and hand assembled in Russia with great attention to the finish and build quality.
The GRT-145-4 is a new breed of ribbon tweeter.
The SRT technology (Sealed Ribbon Tweeter) takes this type of tweeter to a new level.
A true world first !
In the SRT, the gap between the ribbon and the magnets is covered with a U-shaped resistant polymer film suspension.
This dramatically reduces harmonic distortions at low frequencies of the operating range whilst also increasing the sensitivity by 2-3 dB.
By combining our SRT technology and a powerful magnetic system, a unique sensitivity was achieved for a ribbon of 7 cm2 - 95 dB/W/m in 4 - 18 kHz range.
In a tweeter with a 4 Ohm impedance it corresponds to 98 dB/m at 2.83 V.

Price is for a Matched Pair.

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