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We are always pleased to hear from you and will do our best to answer whatever product questions you may have.
We generally reply to emails within one business day.

Business hours are between 9am and 5pm AEST Monday to Friday. What time is it in Brisbane ? Click Me.

Due to the increasing number of spam and scam phone calls, we have written our number below.
zero four five two - two seven eight - two three zero.
If we are unable to answer the phone, Please either;

  Send us an email via the contact form on this page.
  Send us a text message regarding your inquiry. - We will not respond to, Hey call me, and the like.
  Leave a voice Message with your number and question. - If you do Not leave a message, we can not reply.

Please note, Email is not a perfect system and can be blocked by spam filters.
If you haven't received a reply within 2 business days, Please check your spam folder.

If you include a phone number I can call or text you (your choice).


Bilkurra Street,
Middle Park,
Queensland 4074.

Written on this page.
Opening Times
Pick up is available by appointment only.
Being a home based business,
we may or may not be home at any given time.

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