About Us

SpeakerBug is an Australian home based business dedicated to providing high quality parts for D.I.Y. speaker construction and upgrades at affordable prices.
With many people now seeking to attain better sound for smaller outlays, D.I.Y. has taken off with many others sharing their designs and skills across the internet.
Another great advantage to D.I.Y. is the ability to create what the mass market can't deliver.

Primarily we stock high quality parts from Jantzen Audio of Denmark.
Jantzen Audio parts are used in some very high end products from top European speaker manufacturers.
The feedback from customers, noted designers and my own experience is that these are top notch components that are excellent value for money.
So buy with confidence you won't be disappointed.

SpeakerBug was established in September 2007 by Stephen Stekhoven.
Ownership then transferred to Nigel Shaw In September 2014.

It has grown over the years but remains a small home based business in the Brisbane suburbs.

We try to keep reasonable stock, but can't predict when the next 'big thing' will hit.
If the items you need are out of stock or not listed, please send us a message outlining your requirements and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

As Stephen said,
"I'm not going to get rich doing this, but my overheads are low, so I'm not going to go broke either.
In any case I'll have enough parts to build a lot of speakers myself – he he."

Happy speaker building !


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