External Links

Here are some External Links that you might find helpful or of interest.

Angels Psychic Realm.
Angela's a good friend of mine that has helped me through dark times.
Maybe she can help you ?

DIY Audio Forums.
Need some help with Audio questions others can't answer ?
Try here. A wealth of knowledge by some of the greatest designers and minds on the planet.

Homebuilt HiFi.
A showcase of User submitted constructions.
Covers everything HiFi. Amplifiers, Turntables, Speakers, Furniture and More.

Hulgich Audio.
Nicolas Hulgich has created some really sexy looking speakers.
Designed and made in South Australia.

Humble Homemade HiFi.
Tony Gee's speaker designs.
Including his famous Capacitor test page.

Karri Acoustics.
Troy Hughes designs and builds really nice speakers in Western Australia.
They can also service and repair your electronics.

Queensland Audio Club.
Food – Drink – Friends – Music. Why not join us.

Stones Sound Studio.
Russell can do it all, and does so with pride.
Speaker and crossover design, Audio equipment repairs and servicing.


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