Frequently Asked Questions

If it isn't listed, I don't have it.
But by all means send me an email outlining what your after and I'll do what I can for you.

To check stock levels, simply click on that item.
Just above the price you will see “Availability: XX”.

Depending on the manufacturer it normally takes around 4 weeks.
Longer if the item needs to be hand crafted first as is the case with some drivers.

Why so long ?

Due to the variables of exchange rate, freight size and weight, manufacturers quote each and every order.
Due to time zone differences this can take up to 3 working days.

Many manufacturers these days are rightly concerned about lost income due to unpaid accounts.
As such they all require payment in full before orders are shipped.
It takes around 4 working days for our payment to reach the manufacturers bank.

The manufacturer then needs to get the ordered parts safely packaged for its trip around the world.
This can take up to 4 working days.
The freight is on its way ! Bouncing around the globe for anything up to 2 weeks.

When it lands here (in Sydney) it has to go through customs, before being sent to me in Brisbane.
That's another few working days.
After all this I get a box of bits that I need to unpack, check for any damaged or missing items, before placing them into storage bins on shelves
Finally I update the site and they are ready for sale.

If there are items that have been prepaid and ordered by you, you will be notified and they will be repacked and sent to you ASAP.

That's not fair to other customers is it.

If your in the Brisbane area, then yes.
Pickup is available by appointment only.
This is a home based business and I am not always home.

Please note I do not have any credit or debit card facilities here.
I can however process your purchase through the website (Via PayPal).

Alternatively I do accept cash and can give (Limited) change.

Simply add the items of interest to your cart.
Click on 'Shopping Cart' at the very top of the page.
Then use the 'Estimate Shipping & Taxes' field to see the available freight options and their costs.
You don't need an account to see this.
And you won't be charged until you proceed to the final page of the checkout.

Australia Post is my preferred shipper.
For large or heavy orders that Australia Post can't handle I normally use Couriers Please.
Most freight has tracking numbers which will be supplied to you if requested.
Economy air freight to New Zealand does not have any form of tracking.
The shipping charges include cost of postage plus a nominal amount to cover the cost of packaging materials.
While I take the utmost care to securely package your order, I will not be responsible for damaged, lost, or un-deliverable freight.
If you are concerned about any risk, you can ask for insurance to be applied to your order.

Orders received before 2pm AEST time will be posted that day.
Orders received after 2pm will most likely be sent the next business day. What time is it in Brisbane ? Click Me.
Australia Post quotes the following delivery times;
"Standard parcel post 2 or more business days."
"Express parcel post guaranteed next business day delivery within the Express Post delivery network and fastest possibly delivery for other areas.
Please allow extra time in their peak period around December and public holidays.

Due to previous bad experiences with some countries, I will only ship within Australia and New Zealand.
There's over 150 different drivers in the Seas range alone.
If I stocked two of each driver, that would be over $90,000.00.
Having said that, I can quote and supply various brands of drivers for you.

Due to an agreement between Troel's and Jantzen,
Jantzen dealers are not allowed to have anything to do with Troel's designs from January 2014 onwards.
These are 'Closed Kits' and are only available directly through Jantzen Denmark.

And no I have no idea what the parts values are.
That will come with the Jantzen supplied kit.

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