Toroidal C-Coil

Jantzen C-Coils are Toridal cored coils of high power rating and extremely low DCR. These coils are heavy !
In his book 'High Performance Loudspeakers', Martin Colloms praises the virtues of Toroids including low distortion and self screening of stray magnetic fields.
Note the inductance value needs to be measured at 100Hz - The range where they are typically used as an inductor for the bass driver.
Typical handheld LCR meters measure at 1,000 Hz and will read a lower value than labelled. This is not a fault.
They should be used in Bass crossovers only due to core distortion at higher frequencies.

Limited stock kept locally but available by special order in a range of 0.41mH to 38mH.

Tolerence of 5%

Sorted by value then gauge.

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C-Coil 5mH 15AWG 0.1 Ω Power handling of 500w/8Ω 71mm Dia 25mm High ..
AUD $55.00
C-Coil 5.6mH 12AWG 0.05 Ω Power handling of 2000w/8Ω 95mm Dia 34mm High ..
AUD $98.00
C-Coil 8.2mH 17AWG 0.17 Ω Power handling of 500w/8Ω  81mm Dia 26mm High ..
AUD $70.00
C-Coil 10mH 14AWG 0.11 Ω Power handling of 1500w/8Ω  93mm Dia 32mm High ..
AUD $96.00
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