Vishay MKP1837

Tony Gee has done extensive testing of various capacitors, and has this to say about these Vishays. - Reproduced with Tony Gee's permission from his 'Capacitor Test page' here.

Vishay MKP1837 / 0,01uF MKP 100VDC - 1% tolerance.
Technical specifications: Metallised polypropylene, radial capacitor, designed for LC/RC filter circuits, coupling and de-coupling at high frequencies.
Sound: Many years ago I was tipped by Klaus Witte of Germany to try this capacitor as a small parallel cap for the Mundorf MCap Supreme. I tried them as a parallel cap for the tweeter series caps in my Progress speaker and I must say I was very impressed! To get straight to the point they don't change a Supreme into a Supreme Silver-Oil but they really do clear things up. I must admit I was sceptical at first as the value is only 10nF (0,01uF) - and the caps I was using at the time totalled to 12,6uF. The difference is most noticeable with classical music but also good quality recordings of jazz and fusion benefit: No change in sound stage width or depth but there is more concert-hall acoustics that let you get into the recording more.
Not as liquid as a Mundorf Silver Oil but they did take away the slightly grainy edge from the Mundorf Supreme's. A noticable gain in clarity and transparency making instruments better separable from each other, the violins in an orchestra become a group of individual violins instead of one mass. Jazz drum brushes sound more like a brush than a "shush".
Verdict: 8

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Vishay MKP1837 0.01uF 100Vac 1% Polypropylene Film Capacitor. It is a well known secret that plac..
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