Adjustable router guide

Brand: Jantzen
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Adjustable Router Guide.

28-7-21 - Slightly improved design.

No longer are you limited to preset hole sizes.
This Router guide allows you to route holes and rebates in diameter from a tiny 20mm to a massive 770mm by simply reversing the pivot slide.
Seriously, I wish I had one of these years ago when I started making my various speakers.

This router guide kit is supplied with;

A CNC'd base made out of 11mm thick 9 layer ply.
- The guide is 51cm long, 10cm wide at the narrow end, and approximately 17cm wide for the router mounting area.
Four plated countersunk screws with nuts to secure the router to the base plate.
An aluminium pivot slide assembly that has a polished 7.5mm diameter pivot pin and a molded plastic tightening knob with a threaded steel insert.
A molded plastic end handle.

It does NOT come with instructions.
So here's a quick guide for you - Remember you can click on the pictures for a visual guide too.

Place your router on the upper textured surface of the guide.
Center the spindle over the 50mm hole and position the routers handles to line up with its length.
Mark and drill holes in the guide to suit your routers base plate.
Counter sink the mounting holes in the guides bottom (Shiny side) so that the screws won't catch or drag across your work piece.
Mount the router with the provided counter sunk machine screws and nuts as needed. (4 of each provided).
Mount the handle to the top side of the guide with the supplied countersunk screw from underneath (Shiny side - There's a pre-drilled hole on one end for the screw).
Take the knob off the aluminium slide assembly, place the aluminium slide into the groove in the bottom of the base plate with the threaded bit going through the top of the slot.
Place the washed on the top, then thread the knob on.

That's it. Your ready to make holes :)
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