Premium Insulated Binding Post Gold.

Brand: Jantzen
Product Code: 012-0209
Availability: 14
AUD $27.00

Premium Insulated Binding Post Gold with Satin Nickel Jacket.

High-quality 3-way binding posts which offer audiophile features at a reasonable price.
A metal ferrule on the Satin Nickle tightening knob allows a secure connection to the Gold plated terminal without any tendency to work loose.
These are fully insulated and will accept banana plugs (Once the small black safety plug has been removed), forks or bare wire up to 5mm diameter.
The internal end is a 6.0mm tube designed to have the cable inserted and soldered only.
Can be used with the optional 2 or 4 Post Binding Post Plates or any cabinet panel with a keyed 11.5mm hole.

Maximum cabinet wall thickness 25mm

One pair (1 Red and 1 White)

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